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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Super Bowl Media Day: Interview With Colts Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore

Super Bowl XLI – Tuesday, January 30, 2007

(on how much Peyton Manning is involved in the game planning) “We talk about it and there are things he likes and some
things he doesn’t feel comfortable with, but we go over it and hash it out and make sure we’re on the same page and make
sure we’re doing things that are sound and things he feels comfortable with. It’s important that he feels comfortable with it
and the chances of him being successful go up. I don’t want to put a guy in there and have him do something that says Tom
Moore says you got to do this. Well, he’s the guy that has to take the snap and there are lots of things you can do so let’s do
good things. I take my hat off to him, he comes up with a lot of great suggestions.”

(on play of the offensive line) “They are doing excellent and it’s evidenced by being able to run the football. One of the big
things is pass protection. In other words, we take big pride in pass protection and we take big pride in not getting the
quarterback hit. We want to keep the quarterback clean and the offensive line has done a great job.”

(on if the offensive line is overlooked) “I don’t know of any offensive line that truly gets the recognition that they deserve
because it’s the toughest position to play and the toughest position to coach. We who coach them and are around them, we
know how good they are.”

(on how the offense has changed over the last three decades) “I think the biggest change that goes on continually and that’s
why you have to keep up to date, are all the substitution packages. Defensively, they are running substitutes in the game all
the time. Substitution pattern and getting your blocking and protections squared away, that’s a constant thing that keeps

(on if his coaching philosophy has changed) “No, my philosophy has not changed. My philosophy is to get your best 11
players on the field and get your offense designed that takes advantage of their abilities.”

(on the toughness of the Bears front four) “They are great athletes and they are very well coached. Their coaching staff is
excellent. Lovie (Smith) does a great job with the coordinators – they are very well coached. You watch them execute and
you have so much respect for them and their ability. They are excellent.”

(on play calling during the game) “I give him (Manning) an idea of what we’re thinking. We have a set game plan and I give
him certain ideas and he goes from there. He makes a lot of great calls, any of the bad ones are mine.”

(on not being a head coach) “I don’t worry about that stuff. I have to be me. I have not been cheated because I haven’t been a
head coach. Nobody owes me anything. I haven’t been cheated. I’ve been 30 years in this League and it’s a privilege to coach
in the National Football League. The way I’ve been able to raise my family, the things I’ve done and the biggest thing, 30
years to do exactly what you want to do and have fun. You can’t buy that with money. “


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