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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The 11th Street Diner - A 24-Hour Place For Food In Miami Beach

My friend Steve Schnitzer was kind enough to put me up in his new place with his sister and my friend Beth while we were in Miami for the Super Bowl. Steve's got a great 24-hour restaurant called the 11th Street Diner on 11th and Washington in Miami Beach.

The staff there is both friendly and funny, as this video will show. After the video, I placed some text I found about the diner online.

Here's the video:

LL Cool J - ESPN NEXT Super Bowl Party Miami Concert In Miami Design Center

On Friday night, I was invited to the ESPN NEXT Super Bowl Party held at Miami Design Center. The party's producers -- ESPN, NEXT, and Sony Playstation -- took over the entire main block and one building of the district and produced one of the best Super Bowl parties I've attended. I'll have more videos on this party, but for now I'm presenting you with the best part of the evening, a private concert by none other than LL Cool J. He rocked the house!

What was so interesting to me is the contrast in the crowd. The people close to the stage were young, of diverse backgrounds, and mostly female; as one moved away from the stage, the audience turned to one mostly white, older, and male. It wasn't a random group, as one had to have a pass to get into the party. By the time LL Cool J started, it was midnight and about 1,000 people remained for the concert. There were probably 5,000 people for the party as a whole.

Here it is:

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