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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Steve Young. Steve Bono. Jay Marriotti. -- Greetings From Miami Beach!

Hello. I arrived last night at about 8 PM when our plane touched wheels at Miami International Airport. The flight itself was a lot of fun -- two ex-49ers Quarterbacks were on the American Airlines flight 442. Steve Young was in the eighth row of first class. Steve Bono -- who I met at the GAP Project Red Party -- was just three rows behind me.

Steve Bono, his wife Tina, and I were talking at the gate just before boarding, when Bono spotted Steve Young walking up to the gate with his cap pulled down over his forehead and a Bluetooth phone in his ear. "I guess he's trying not to be recognized," Steve said. To which I replied "No one really cares. It actually draws attention to him when he pulls the cap down."

Bono expressed dismay with 49ers Owner John York's attempt to move the team to Santa Clara, stating that he and other 49ers Alums did a lot of work to help keep the Niners in San Francisco, including trips to see Governor Schwarzenegger.

The flight was a lot of fun. I sat next to someone who works for EA Sports, and saw a friend of a friend who was just six rows ahead of me; we exchanged numbers after the flight.

After I got settled in, my friend's brother took me on a tour of South Beach and we ate at his diner called "The 11th Street Diner" on 11th and Washington in Miami Beach. Great food!

Then, we walked around and ran into Jay Marriotti, of the Chicago SunTimes and the ESPN Show Around the Horn at the Clevelander Sports Bar, which was hoping late into the night. Jay's a nice guy. And what a nice night it was!

More soon!

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